Praise God!

Today is a glorious day!  A day to be thankful for all God has done and for all that he is going to do.  Try to not focus on your current circumstances today but just Thank God for his promises and it will make a big difference in your spiritual walk that will manifest in the natural realm.


  1. michael f mccarthy says:

    That President Obama supports gay marriage is important because his opinion has important consequences. He appoints like minded judges to the Supreme Court and the federal courts. Liberal judicial appointees have overturned voter approved ballot measures prohibiting gay marriage; and, liberal judges disqualify Defense of Marriage Act legislation passed by Congress and state legislatures. Gay rights advocates don’t care about the vote of the people or legislation. In fact, they want judicial action. They want judges to declare that the Constitution, laws and customs, the Bible and “western civilization” are all WRONG! Not just wrong; but, prejudicial, degrading and deadly. They claim that hateful thoughts lead to hate speech which leads to hate crimes. Gay Activists want liberal judges to impose total equality, and then, make restitution for past injustices. So, not just students in schools, but our whole society will be re-educated. This fundamental transformation begins with appointing and confirming “liberal judges” who will punish hateful actions, words and thoughts and the people, schools and churches that condone “hate”. This means “thought police”. Of course, there is no justification for this in the Constitution; but, that has not stopped President Obama and Senate Democrats from appointing and confirming activist judges who use their personal opinions to make new law. The issue is not gay marriage; it’s freedom of conscience ! II Thess. 2:3-4

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