We Welcome Special Guests

Ralph and Pauline Nault from The New Life will be joining us,

May 16, 2012 @ 7 p.m.

New Beginnings Fellowship International

8550 W. National Ave, West Allis, WI

Join us as we welcome our special friends, Ralph and Pauline Nault.  They always bring a powerful word to share with God’s people everytime they visit.  They have ministered to people for over 40 years.  They have brought the message of “Life” to thousands.

Everyone is welcome so bring some friends and join us!

To find out more about their ministry, visit…


A Prophetic Walk Through the Gospels

A Prophetic Walk Through the Gospels

By Greg Nies Sr.

Dig deep into the holy scriptures as Bishop Greg goes through the all Gospels.  Learn key scriptures and get prophetic insight.  This book has been put into an easy to read compilation of his monthly devotionals, Prophetic Insight Volume’s 1 through 12.

Spiral-Bound Book:  $18.99 

E-Book:  $7.99


You can also purchase each Gospel individually:

A Prophetic Walk Through the Book of Matthew

Spiral-Bound Book:  $5.99 
   E-Book:  $1.99

A Prophetic Walk Through the Book of Mark

Spiral-Bound Book:  $6.99 
   E-Book:  $2.99

A Prophetic Walk Through the Book of Luke

Spiral-Bound Book:  $6.99 
   E-Book:  $2.99

A Prophetic Walk Through the Book of John

Spiral-Bound Book:  $11.99
  E-Book:  $4.99

The Fake Comfort of Emotional Salvation

Dive deep into the Word of God and find out the meaning of true salvation.  Learn to distinguish between feelings and faith as you strengthen your walk in the Lord.

Real Answers to Real Problems

Many times we need answers to life’s toughest questions and we don’t know how or who to ask.   Church or the Bible are sometimes the last resort.  It shouldn’t be this way!  God cares about every area of your life and wants to give you the correct guidance.  So go to the One who has all the answers and understands you more than anyone ever will.

In the following posts, we will address life’s most common questions with what the Word says and we encourage you to post any questions you may have.  We will respond as we are able with key scriptures and guidance into the Word.

Please Respond to the Post with Questions that You Would Like Answered and we will answer questions with the Word….